SypherPK shows how to travel the whole Fortnite map in one jump

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Fortnite Season 4 might have the most nuanced strategies in any season this chapter. Casual players might not know about strategies like using Bouncers and Shockwaves together to catapult players towards a distant zone.

The Fortnite trickshotting community is all too aware of another strategy involving Crash Pads and Iron Man’s gauntlets. You can use these two items together to get an extreme amount of height. Some players even happen upon this glitch accidentally.

Streamer and YouTuber, Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan, put a spin on this strategy during a recent stream with his younger brother, JuniorPK. The two of them used the same Crash Pad strategy with an added wrinkle: Wolverine’s Claws.

As many of you ...

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SypherPK shows how to travel the whole Fortnite map in one jump
SypherPK combined Iron Man's Gauntlets, Wolverine's Claws, and a Crash Pad to send him across the entire map.

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