How to complete the secret ‘Downfall’ Fortnite Season 4 challenge

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The Fortnite gnomes are up to their old tricks, again. This time, instead of feuding with the bears, it looks like the gnome’s scorned leader is trying to blow up the entire island.

You can find the headquarters of the rogue gnome army in the old Shadow hideout outside of Weeping Woods. The half-burned leader appears to be the creator of the Slurp Barrels that we all love to break – possibly the owner of the Slurpy Swamp factory.

If you visit the basement of this building, you’ll find the gnome staring menacingly at a map – the areas where all of his bombs are located.

You’ll gain 20,000 XP, alone, for visiting the hideout. In Solos, this is a pretty good place to land, anyway. There’s plenty of loot for one person and free 20,000 XP sitting in the basement.

This is only the first stage of the ch...

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How to complete the secret ‘Downfall’ Fortnite Season 4 challenge
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