DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite October NA-West results

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Another month, another DreamHack Solo competition to help carry us through a week of competitive Fortnite. Last night, on October 8, the NA-West region completed their stage of the tournament to kick things off for the month.

So far, the tournament has showcased some household names, some off-ping warriors, and some rising stars that call NA-West home. Here are the entire results of the NA-West DreamHack competition, so far.

NA-West DreamHack Open results

The NA-West region is, as always, the first to wrap up the DreamHack October tournament – the only region to finish at the time of initial writing. Players on NA-West finished the tournament on October 8, with Demonspect taking home first place. He finished six points higher than 77 Xarez in second.

Rising star in the region, Reet, came in third and one of the established juggernauts in NA-West, EpikWhale, finished in fifth. Nosh and Maken rounder out the top ten. Other noteworthy finishes outside of the top ten include WHofishy at 12, VerT at 14, Marzz_Ow at 20, Jamper playing off-ping at 25, Skqttles at 26, Wavy Jacob at 36, MackWood at 45, and H1ghSky1 at 47.


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DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite October NA-West results
Demonspect wins the NA-West region of the DreamHack Open featuring Fortnite.

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