Clix re-signs exclusive streaming deal with Twitch

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Cody “Clix” Conrod might be the biggest name in Fortnite right now. 2020 has seen the young pro skyrocket to stardom, join the esports powerhouse NRG, and finally, sign an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch.

Clix was a part of the second wave of Fortnite streamers who rose to prominence after people like NickMercs, TimtheTatMan, and Tfue moved on from the game. He and his contemporaries made a name for themselves on the back of high-level competitive play.

As the new era of Fortnite streamers began to take shape, Clix was one of the players to rise to the front of the pack – regularly garnering tens of thousands of viewers whether he’s streaming scrims, wagers, scrolling TikTok, or even just sleeping.

Clix announced his exclusive streaming deal with Twitch on October 8 – two days before the Season 4 FNCS Trios event is set to kick off. On Tuesday, he, Bizzle, and Illest came in third place in the final Ninja Battles tournament together.

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Clix re-signs exclusive streaming deal with Twitch

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