Ninja calls 100-player Fortnite tournaments ‘not playable’

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Server performance is one of the biggest recurring problems in competitive Fortnite. It’s been a major issue since the early days of the game and eventually led to the Band-Aid solution of Storm Surge – a game mechanic that forces players to engage with one another or die.

The competitive servers seemed to improve at the tail end of Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, however, with the move to the new Physics Engine, it seemed like performance took a massive step backward. Pro players would regularly complain on-stream and on Twitter about how bad the servers had become – often comparing it to one of the first competitive tournaments: Summer Skirmish.

Enter Ninja Battles – Ninja’s Trios tournament series that has been sporadically taking place over the last few months. The invitational tournament was largely comprised of pro players with a few content creators sprinkled-in. The biggest difference between this tournament and something like the FNCS, however, was the number of players.

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Ninja calls 100-player Fortnite tournaments ‘not playable’
Ninja blasts Epic Games for their server performance after hosting the first and last 100-player Ninja Battles tournament.

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