Chad Mustard explains why we needed a new Fortnite map

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Dedicated Fortnite fans follow Donald Mustard on social media for hints about the future of the game. The Worldwide Creative Director of Epic Games loves to tweet out cryptic teasers about what the developers will be bringing to Fortnite in the future – many of which are impossible to decipher until they come to fruition.

Of course, teasing future seasons of Fortnite is only what Donald Mustard does for fun. When he’s on the clock, he’s steering the Fortnite ship and making decisions on where the game should go. Most players consider him to be the brain behind Fortnite’s ever-evolving world – whether this is entirely true or not.

Donald Mustard has a brother named Chad Mustard, who hosts a YouTube channel that is mostly dedicated to making Fortnite content, as you might expect. Recently, the latter sat down with fellow Fortnite YouTuber, I Talk Fortnite, to discuss several topics related to the game.

The two had a long and detailed conversation – most of which had to do with Creative ...

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Chad Mustard explains why we needed a new Fortnite map
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