How to Destroy Cobwebs at The Authority

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The Authority – formerly The Agency – is one of the most important locations in all of Chapter 2. Midas and his successor, Jules, both set up shop in this area, which also happens to be the central point in the map. If the events of Chapter 1 tell us anything, then it’s clear that this central island is going to be significant in the future.

In Season 4, however, the Authority is only a shell of its former self. The walls that Jules erected in Season 3 are gone, along with all but one of the Henchmen. The vault is left open with only a single chest inside.

Naturally, cobwebs have begun to spring up at The Authority as players neglect it in favor of Doom’s Domain and Stark Industries. This week, the Fortnite challenges require us to destroy these cobwebs.

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