[AskJS] How to get better at solving code challenges

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I am a frontend developer and consider myself quite good at what I do day-to-day. However, whenever I'm presented with a programming problem during interviews, katas (e.g. write a factorial function), I tend to get intimidated by the problem and suddenly feel stuck and don't know where to begin with solving the problem. These problems aren't even complex, but I just panic at not knowing how to approach it.

I think with my work being very framework-focused, I tend to be very good at using the framework and have neglected basic programming skills.

How do I become better at solving code challenges?
I tried brute forcing it by trying to do 1 kata a day, but I still end up with the same issue. I think I need to know how to THINK about the problem first.

Can you share anything that has helped you with these?
Any books/courses/articles/sites that may help?


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