React/Typescript, MobX, Next.js, GraphQL + Apollo, Styled Components, Firebase, Mapbox app inspired by React Clean Architecture.

about 2 years ago - Direct link

Hey guys,

I made a very small app that serves as a proof of concept for React Clean Architecture. I got inspired by this repo

The application has absolutely no real life value or purpose, it's just used for demostration purposes. I used Firebase for user authentication and Mapbox, hoping that some starters might find it useful, in case they got bit tired of CRUD example applications.

The architecture is obviously over engineered for this app, but I hope it can serve us as a template for future discussions. I am not saying this is the way it should be done, I am also learning, so every critique is welcomed. I intentionally made very small app, so it's easier to get around the code, but there's still enough to prove the point.

Login credentials and architecture explanation are in README file.

The app:

You log in and get presented with the map and the drop-down with all the US states. You select desired one and map will fly you to it.


github repo:

Please focus more on code and architecture than the app.

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