Confused on where to begin with my React project. Any info is greatly appreaciated

about 2 years ago - Direct link

I need help trying to figure out where to start with my project. I want to build a music library web app that allows user to add, edit, delete, and fetch all data in the table (when the homepage loads). the database will include information on each artist, including, artistName, genre, release date, record label used to fund the album, and possible much more. I want to use React for the front end, Node.js, Express for the backend and MySQL for my database. This is my first time using Express, so I don't know fetch the data in my MySQL db table. I would like to display the results using the ```TableCell``` tag. I feel like I have a general idea of what needs to be done, but I'm not extremely confident when it comes to working on my own projects. I have this issues of second guessing myself.

Any information is greatly appreciated! Much love <3

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