Check out my mindfulness Chrome Extension for your New Tab Page made with React JS

about 2 years ago - Direct link

Hey everyone!

I made a free Chrome extension that has replaces your new tab page with mindful and wellness widgets using React.js only.

You can track your mood using emojis, take a minute to breathe using some deep breathing techniques, and stretch using suggested stretches and exercises to help you relax and get the body moving. It's helped me be more focused and take a break while also make me more cognizant of my thoughts/feelings.

Here's the link to the chrome extension and can guide anyone on how to build a chrome extension using React.js -- this isn't my first chrome extension, but it is the first time I've posted on this subreddit, so let me know if this breaks any rules :)


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Replace your new tab page with wellness widgets to journal, stretch, breathe, & more mindful moments.