Ruby 2.4.10 Released

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Ruby 2.4.10 has been released.

This release includes a security fix. Please check the topics below for details.

Ruby 2.4 is now under the state of the security maintenance phase, until the end of March of 2020.
After that date, maintenance of Ruby 2.4 will be ended.
Thus, this release would be the last of Ruby 2.4 series.
We recommend you immediately upgrade Ruby to newer versions, such as 2.7 or 2.6 or 2.5.



    SIZE: 12513799
    SHA1: 96737b609f4a82f8696669a17017a46f3bd07549
    SHA256: 6ea3ce7fd0064524ae06dbdcd99741c990901dfc9c66d8139a02f907d30b95a8
    SHA512: 4d730d2d7cb96b002167ee358258f2620862a5a6d8627cfa5b49bd43c6e59c50c0f437b959d4689b231d57706ec7d5910d9b144f4ca1c1ed56bc879ed92e8a59


    SIZE: 14133414
    SHA1: 3140909df03941865012a247969f355cb17e5cde
    SHA256: 93d06711795bfb76dbe7e765e82cdff3ddf9d82eff2a1f24dead9bb506eaf2d0
    SHA512: dfbe2a28b1a2d458dfc8d4287fbe7caec70890dfecf1e12ac62cddd323d8921ca14a0479453e3691641e3d49366de2e4eb239029c46685234b8f29ac84e1da11

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