Social Media News

Twitter is testing a new 'suggested follows' listing to help improve account discovery.

Google is launching new insights tools for advertisers to highlight key trends and market shifts, while it's also rolling out new automated campaign options.

TikTok's ban in the US has been suspended till at least November 4th, as negotiations over the app's sell-off continue. 

LinkedIn has published a new overview of its various ad targeting options, along with tips on how to maximize your campaigns.

LinkedIn has published a new overview of its various ad targeting options, along with tips on how to maximize your campaigns.

After several months of testing, Snapchat is launching its 'First Commercial' ad option to businesses in the US and UK.

Facebook has announced some new video enhancements for its Portal smart home device, including integrations with Netflix and Zoom. 

Facebook has added some new features for Halloween, including new AR filters and effects.

Instagram is adding some new, automated warning prompts to deter people from posting potentially offensive remarks.

Instagram has added some new features to celebrate its tenth birthday, including a Stories map and a range of app icons.

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Just in time for World Mental Health Day, Facebook announced the launch of its new Emotional Health resource center.

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With US President Donald Trump contracting COVID-19, Twitter has been forced to reiterate its rules against wishing harm or violence against others.

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