Social Media News

Google is making its Google Shopping product listings available for free in Europe, while it's also expanding its tools for SMBs to assist in their recovery from COVID-19.

Twitter has expanded the availability of audio tweets, while it continues to work on improving accessibility of the option.

Facebook has taken the next step in its messaging integration process by announcing new cross-messaging capacity between Instagram and Messenger.

As IGTV continues to gain traction, more businesses and creators are considering how they can leverage the platform. Here's an overview of all you need to know.

Giveaways can be a great way to boost brand awareness on Instagram, but to generate real benefits, you need to map out an effective approach.

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Right-wing conspiracy theory accounts connected to the group QAnon have been spreading misinformation on Facebook ahead of the first presidential debate.

Facebook has announced a new set of partnerships to bring more video content to its new Watch Together option on Messenger.

Facebook is removing its 28-day attribution window option for Facebook ads, which will limit advertiser capacity to track campaign performance.

LinkedIn has added some new prompts to alert users to potentially inappropriate behavior, while it's also updated its Professional Community Policies to address member concerns. 

TikTok has launched a new Elections Guide to provide its users with accurate, timely voting information ahead of the US election.

Facebook is testing out a new Accounts Center, which will enable users to link their Facebook, Instagram and Messenger accounts via a single authentication process.

Pinterest is adding some new product discovery and showcase features ahead of the holiday shopping rush.

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With kids spending more time online during the COVID-19 pandemic, what are the implications, and limits that parents should keep in mind?

New research shows that YouTube has become a key source of news for many Americans, which could also be fueling fring theories and beliefs.