Social Media News

Reddit's looking to give advertisers more control by adding new tiers of ad types which focus on providing varying levels of brand safety.

Facebook's new Oversight Board, which will help the platform rule on content decisions, looks set to be active in time for the US Election.

Twitter says more people are actually opening up articles and reading them thanks to a new notification.

LinkedIn is giving its platform a new look, and giving all users access to its Stories functionality.

With negotiations over a buyout of the app continuing, TikTok could still be banned in US app stores from this Sunday.  

Thanks to their superior image quality, ergonomics, and usability, these are the best cameras for vlogging.

There's no official way to repost someone else's content on Instagram, but there are a few basic workarounds.

Just how many dislikes can a YouTube video get? Well, our top 10 list on the subject can answer that question.

Google is adding some more Google My Business profile display options to better align with evolving shopping behaviors amid COVID-19.

Facebook has announced the removal of a 155 China-based Facebook account which had sought to interfere in various foreign political debates.

These video downloaders are quick and easy to use for grabbing favorites, but all copyright laws still apply.

The easy-to-use Kik app has the look and feel of an SMS text messenger, but with plenty of appealing perks.

TikTok has announced new bans on ads for weight loss related products, and new tools to assist users dealing with negative self-perception.

Pinterest is jumping on board the Stories trend with Pin Stories, while it's also updating its analytics tools.

Instagram users reported issues with the social platform Wednesday afternoon.

Instagram has announced some new updates for its TikTok-like Reels functionality, including longer clips and improved video editing tools.

The Department of Justice wants to narrow the criteria online platforms would need to meet to have liability protections.

Create a Bitmoji that looks just like you, with loads of stickers to share across all your favorite apps.

Pinterest Stories are vertical multimedia posts — but unlike on most platforms, these Stories live forever.