We Interviewed 301 Marketing Leaders on Common Mistakes, Challenges, and Solutions - Here's Our Findings

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Hey everyone, my name is Carmine and I work with the world's first marketing security startup, Morphio.

Along with Censuswide, we interviewed 301 digital agency leaders in the US and Canada to investigate the state of the digital marketing industry.

More importantly, we wanted to know how often they made mistakes, how much they cost, and what can be done to avoid them.

Here's a summary of the report originally posted on our blog. We're confident this data will help marketers become more aware of costly mistakes they're making and start implementing systems to avoid them.

The most common marketing mistakes

33% experience credit card and payment failures

Have you ever attempted to bill a customer or start a campaign, only to find out that the associated credit card doesn’t work? So do 33% of other marketers. This, unfortunately, delays campaigns and reduces revenue when payment can’t be collected.

31% have accidentally left campaign spend on

There’s nothing worse than forgetting to turn off a campaign. You overspend, produce excess data, and have lots to explain to your boss. That’s why it was astounding when our research discovered 31% of marketers have accidentally left on campaigns.

31% have offended their target audience with an ad

Targeting the right audience is essential for success in business. Agencies have to deliver personalized copy, calls to action, and offers for maximum return. 

But, what about when that goes haywire?

31% of agencies have offended their a...

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