Small e-commerce startup. Need help!

over 1 year ago - Direct link

Me and a friend are planning to set up a e-commerce site by hiring a web design firm.

There a few concerns which we need to align with that hired firm and the meeting is in next week.

The basic concept - vendors (sellers) can create their own account and sell on the platform. For first week, it will be commission-free and then we will charge the commission fee. In our country, it is not that developed and it is a good chance. Rather than random categories of products, we will mainly focus on skincare products, targeting at local online sellers who are selling through facebook.

1) verification of fraud vendors - how do we control it? Any simple authorization ways?

2) transaction method - it will be like dropselling, what is the most preferred transaction way between customers, vendors and me?

3) vendors will deliver to the customer directly. How will we monitor if they deliver on time or not? How to control it?

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