Question about what type of licenses I need.

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Hi there!

This is my first time posting here so I hope this is appropriate!

I have been slowly building a small business locally over the last year. About 6 months ago things started to pick up RAPIDLY. I can now barely keep up with sales alone and am looking into a warehouse and production staff, etc. I have gotten my products into about 40 stores in North and South Carolina (we are based in NC) as the business expands quickly I want to make sure I'm doing everything legally and legitimately!

My business is formed as an LLC in NC. Most of the stores we sell to are small mom and pop shops that pay me cash and retail my products, is this legal? I keep track of all my invoices but I never made any agreements or did any paperwork for these stores. We have our products in 1 large chain that's based in NC but also has stores in SC, this store is very legitimate and gave me all the legal paperwork and tax exemption forms.

We also sell a decent amount of products through our online website but 90% of our sales are wholesale to retail stores and 10% are direct to customers.

My main questions are:

  1. Do I need a special license to sell wholesale products to retail stores as well as direct to customers?

  2. Do I need a license to operate in multiple states? I plan to expand to almost every state in the future.

  3. Do I need to add sales tax to my wholesale sales?

I appreciate any advice in advance and look forward to joining this community,


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