If you need higher engagement or leads PLEASE consider using TikTok. It's worth it.

almost 2 years ago - Direct link

If you want higher engagement online and are not on TikTok I advise you to create an account TODAY!!

In ONE month I gained over 11,000 REAL followers organically on my business account, had 4 brands contact me about partnerships, and doubled my email subscribers list. Now, almost 70% of my leads come from this app alone. Mind you, all this happened IN ONE MONTH 🤯

These numbers might sound crazy (but I have screenshots for proof lol). In 28 days my videos amassed 336,525 views, I gained 11,066 followers and my profile was viewed 8,329 times! Not one single cent was spent.

You may think it's an app for kids (believe me I did too) but there are whole communities ready to connect and purchase. Over 30% of TikTok users are over the age of 30! 🧔🏾

There are wayyyyy too many benefits for me to try and list here. But if you're struggling for customers and engagement on Facebook and Instagram like I was when I first started, I encourage you to try different social media platforms!

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