Demand Stacking: How To Create Your Own Niche Market

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Whether you sell services, physical products, or digital products one of common bits of wisdom is that "the riches are in the niches".

This is totally true and you will almost always find that the margins are better and the competition is lower in small niches than in big mainstream niches.

The problem is that the internet has become a very mature "economy" and most niches have loads of already established people serving them. Almost the entire internet has become the proverbial "red ocean".

Trying to compete in these red oceans demands that you be well capitalized and/or have the unicorn product that 'sells itself'. Most entrepreneurs don't have either so you are stuck relying on luck or questionable marketing tactics and usually you just fail.

So, many people are stuck in searching mode to try and find the ever elusive "blue ocean" where they can start small, carve out a space, & grow.

The problem is that finding these blue oceans is almost impossible due to the ever more mature market that is the internet.

My solution...

Demand Stacking

What is Demand Stacking?

Much like the idea of talent stacking taught by Scott Adams Demand stacking is all about finding niches that overlap with each other and then laser targeting your product development & marketing to serve that space.

To try and make this clear I'll use an idea I had a few years back that I ended up not pursuing but I think would have been great (I still have people like the Facebook page I made for it almost everyday even though I have not posted or anything for a very long time) - Keto Diet products for women.

In particular I was looking at the Keto supplement space on Amazon. I knew two things; Keto was hugely popular and women was a huge weight loss market. However, Keto seemed to be a very male centric market with most blogs & products orientated to men.

However, I was ...

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