Lovecraft Country Tried to Save Itself By Getting Timey-Wimey, But It Didn't Work

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After spending quite a few episodes giving each member of its cast almost too many motivations that were beginning to make it seem as if ...

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Lovecraft Country Went Meta and Got Even More Disturbing
With each episode of Lovecraft Country’s first season, a new family member or friend in Atticus Freeman’s midst has been unceremoniously dragged into a dark convergence of events that might result in a Lovecraftian apocalypse. By shifting its focus onto each member of its supporting cast, Lovecraft Country’s been able to make its fantastical world feel expansive and as if it’s populated with potentially countless stories of untold horror.

Lovecraft Country Has Given Up Cohesive Storytelling in Favor of Something More Dramatic
What little hope there was for Lovecraft Country’s first season trying to tell a single, cohesive story went completely out the window this week with “I Am,” a statement episode that gave Aunjanue Ellis’ Hippolyta Freeman everything she’d ever dreamed of...just to ask her to give it all up.

Lovecraft Country Expanded Its Mythos With a Carnal Story about War
The degree to which HBO’s Lovecraft Country has already branched off from the novel its based on might give you the sense that at this point, with half the season over, the story might slow down on the worldbuilding to begin fully weaving its core character’s arcs together in the buildup to its finale. But the first few minutes alone of “Meet Me in Daegu” brush that idea aside wholly.

Lovecraft Country Tried to Save Itself By Getting Timey-Wimey
Time travel enters the fray as the penultimate episode of Lovecraft Country, “Rewind 1921,” turns to Tulsa.