A Great Goodbye to the Caravan Brutosaur

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The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur Mighty Caravan Brutosaur 5 million gold mount/Auction House/vendor/greatest door hazard of all time doesn't have long to live, with around a day in its NA sub-climate and two for EU. We've seen many giveaways recently and players falling over themselves to desperately get get one of the cooler (and more useful) mounts in WoW, and while there's still some time to get yours, many players will miss the mark. The following video is both a wonderful elegy for the mount itself, as well as a tragic tale of those that came so close and are about to fail:

And so goodbye from us as well, we hope to see you some time in the future after you get de-extinct. Also every day after the pre-patch with the thousands of players that already have it.



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