Setting my goals for Shadowlands

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I haven’t really had a goal in retail goldmaking for quite some time. When I went into BfA I was doing my gold cap challenge and I was working towards that. I did not have many ambitions outside of that and I got a lot less out of the game than I could have. 

Targets help you focus

The main reason I want to set some goals is to help focus my effort and to get better. By setting my sight somewhere I have to make decisions that put me closer to my target. 

Having in-game goals makes it fun

I’ve realized through classic that it is significantly more fun to play WoW if you have goals that you work towards. I’ll be going back into retail raiding as it is my favorite part of WoW. This will also give me a reason to make gold as I can keep my main topped off and ready to rumble. Making gold for yourself can be fun, but it is more fun when it supports something I care about internally. 

My current status

Currently I have about 17.5 million gold. I’m planning to spend about 1.5-2 million on tokens to move some characters before SL, so I’ll likely go into the expansion with about 15 million. The gold is fairly evenly spread across 9 different realms (soon to be ten). 

The highest gold total I have recorded in BfA is 23 million. 

Any goldmaking goal has to stretch me significantly beyond that. 

100 million

I want to go for at least 100 million gold in Shadowlands. I think I should be able to actually make more than that, but we don’t know yet how well various methods will work. 

To reach 100 I want to get 30-40 million on my main realm and then the 60-70 million rest across my other realms. This relies on finding strong flipping markets and being active in them. I will probably have to increase my reposting schedule or add a couple of extra realms to get there.  For the main realm I will mostly focus on professions which I expect will work well in SL just as ...

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Setting my goals for Shadowlands - The Lazy Goldmaker
I haven’t really had a goal in retail goldmaking for quite some time. When I went into BfA I was doing my gold cap challenge […]

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